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What is Tech Solutions? It is the solutions to the issues you face getting into the digital world. Today, more than ever, the digital world is where customers go to find advice and information. Whether it is just hours of operation of your business, or what products you sell. The digital world is going to be your first impression for your future customers.

What do you spend on advertising? What would you spend on advertising that is always on? Always putting your business out there in front of your customer and new customers? A great website is a highter cost at first, but in the long run it is the lowest cost advertising you can have.

The benefits of the digital world are not very clear for a lot of people and businesses. There are so many gimmicks and false information out there. Are there lower cost ways to get onto the web? Yes. Does it require knowledge of how to do that? Yes. Is it really that complicated? It can be. That is where Lazy S comes in. We will handle all the leg work to get you established in the digital world.

So whether it is a new start for you or if you need a digital face lift. Let us help you make that change.
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Website Key Points

Fresh, responsive web design to put your best foot forward.
Just as the physical world, keeping up your presence in the digital world is important.
Search Engine Optimization is key to getting noticed in the digital world.

Solutions That We Have Made

City of Durham

A small town in the heart of Kansas

Catfish Design

A site where they share their opinions on games on such.

Watts On Electric

A new, up and coming, electrical contractor located in Colorado.


If you have been to Encounter, than you will be familiar with the type of fellowship and praise that Increase has to offer.

Rod's Tire and Service

Local full service tire store in Marion County.